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Can Permanent Cosmetics Be Removed?

Tattooing is a permanent procedure. There are many unique elements involved with a successful removal, ranging from color used, to the location of the tattoo. Small areas of pigment can sometimes be successfully encouraged not to heal into the skin if the problem is dealt with during or soon after the initial procedure. This will normally result with a lightening of the color of the tattoo, but the success of the removal once again will depend on the size, color used, etc. In general, technicians will refer a person seeking removal for existing unwanted pigment to a physician  who provides tattoo removal services. No magic bullet exists, however, that removes pigment from the skin without a process that takes several visitations over an extended period of time.

What Usually Occurs During A Procedure?

Lip color, eyeliner and eyebrow procedures typically begin in a similar fashion. The first step executed by a permanent cosmetic technician is to cleanse the skin in the area the procedure is to be performed. Afterward, a topical anesthetic may be applied, depending on the technician’s method, and the specified time to wait for the effective numbing of the area is then observed. Once the numbing agent has taken effect, if one is used, it is removed and procedure-specific design guides are marked on the skin using either a surgical marker or other methods used to keep the integrity of the design. Once these measures have been taken, the procedure begins. While the session is in progress techniques to manage client discomfort are employed and the skin in the procedural area is stretched and held firmly for the tattooing process. After the procedure is completed, the procedure area is cleaned and the client is asked to view the results for final approval. Photographs are then taken, a healing ointment is usually applied and written and verbal after care instructions are provided before a follow-up appointment is scheduled.

How Long Does A Procedure Take?

  The time it takes to complete a given procedure relies largely on the procedure being preformed and on the competency of the technician performing it. Usually, appointments are scheduled for one-and-a-half to two-and-a-half hours. Time for applying design guides and topical anesthetics will also factor into the time allotted for the chosen procedure. Considering that the numbing agents (if used by the technician), take anywhere from fifteen to forty-five minutes to become effective, the time spent applying the permanent cosmetic procedure consumes only a minimal portion of the time set aside for the entire appointment. The completion and review of forms, the taking of photographs and discussions regarding aftercare maintenance requirements are also tasks that require time allotment.

Who Benefits From Permanent Cosmetics?

Individuals who are healthy, and not pregnant or nursing can benefit greatly from receiving permanent cosmetic services. For those people who must look their best at all times for professional purposes or have otherwise lost confidence in their appearance due to the affects of natural aging can find usefulness in permanent cosmetics. Women who have undergone a mastectomy can easily seek solace in the areola repigmentation process after reconstructive breast surgery, while those with conditions like alopecia (the result of partial or total loss of body hair), can benefit from the illusion of fuller eyebrows, thanks to permanent makeup. Often, these clients will also ask for eyeliner to give more definition to their eyes in the absence of eyelashes as well. While it’s true that women are often the first to seek out these services, men who wish to fill in sparse eyebrows or diminish the appearance of scars have also been known to undergo procedures to rectify those issues. Ultimately, the benefits of these practices are virtually endless, relatively pain-free and apply to both women and men.

Natural is the Name of the Game

When it comes to permanent cosmetics we strive for perfection. The idea is to accomplish quality and visible results, and at the same time look as natural as can be. Believe it or not, by using special tattoo shading techniques we can achieve results that look exactly like eyebrow hair. All of our customers are blown away by how natural the results are. Remember the idea is to enhance your facial features and not take away from them…