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Lip color, eyeliner and eyebrow procedures typically begin in a similar fashion.

The first step executed by a permanent cosmetic technician is to cleanse the skin in the area the procedure is to be performed. Afterward, a topical anesthetic may be applied, depending on the technician’s method, and the specified time to wait for the effective numbing of the area is then observed. Once the numbing agent has taken effect, if one is used, it is removed and procedure-specific design guides are marked on the skin using either a surgical marker or other methods used to keep the integrity of the design. Once these measures have been taken, the procedure begins.

While the session is in progress techniques to manage client discomfort are employed and the skin in the procedural area is stretched and held firmly for the tattooing process.

After the procedure is completed, the procedure area is cleaned and the client is asked to view the results for final approval. Photographs are then taken, a healing ointment is usually applied and written and verbal after care instructions are provided before a follow-up appointment is scheduled.

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