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Individuals who are healthy, and not pregnant or nursing can benefit greatly from receiving permanent cosmetic services.

For those people who must look their best at all times for professional purposes or have otherwise lost confidence in their appearance due to the affects of natural aging can find usefulness in permanent cosmetics.

Women who have undergone a mastectomy can easily seek solace in the areola repigmentation process after reconstructive breast surgery, while those with conditions like alopecia (the result of partial or total loss of body hair), can benefit from the illusion of fuller eyebrows, thanks to permanent makeup.

Often, these clients will also ask for eyeliner to give more definition to their eyes in the absence of eyelashes as well. While it’s true that women are often the first to seek out these services, men who wish to fill in sparse eyebrows or diminish the appearance of scars have also been known to undergo procedures to rectify those issues.

Ultimately, the benefits of these practices are virtually endless, relatively pain-free and apply to both women and men.

12th January 2012 General Information

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